sarah palin.

i don't trust people who say "nukilar" instead of "nuclear" (see this video at -4:34).
or somebody who says: "i believe that what president bush has attempted to do is rid this world of islamic extremism [...]" (see same video at -2:22).
i think you can't get rid of extremism starting a war.
especially when you start a war lying on its causes (telling people that there are weapons of mass destruction in iraq, that saddam hussain had something to do with 9/11, that the control of oil has nothing to do with the war, etc.).

another scary thing is that palin didn't ask herself if she has the ability or the experience for being president of the us (beginning of the video).
i think a reasonable person should asks herself/himself the question and then maybe conclude that she/he has.

the worst thing is: more or less half of the citizens of the us are willing to vote for this woman!


by the way, it seems i'm not the only one who noticed that palin pronounces "nuclear" the way george bush does: have a look at this.

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