sensible politics?

that sounds like an oxymoron, doesn't it? :-)

but i just saw mc cain say he respects obama, that obama is a decent family man he (mc cain) just happens to have disagreements with.
that's quite surprising.

the first thing i thought was: mc cain's analysts must have told him that saying so is part of the best strategy for being elected.
this takes a little moral merit away from mc cain, to give it to all the voters (also known as people): it seems that people consider respect and moderation important in a political campaign.

or maybe mc cain's analysts are just plain wrong.

by the way, i root for obama!


Daniela Pamplona said...

Don't be so innocent! They are (more or less) the same shit. Look at the Obama's positions about Affeganistan an Iraque before he was a candidate and you will be surprised!

torbidobrodo said...

this idea that the two main parties are more or less the same shit is usually adduced by berlusconi's supporters in italy.

why is it so? my guess is that this behaviour is deliberately influenced by the unethical use of mass media some people do.

the media talk about wrong doings from members of each party (appearing impartial), making them look more or less of the same importance (effectively biasing the news, when the wrong doings are of different value).

i think we should be critical and differentiate as much as we can between the different parties.
it would be cool to have access to unbiased information, too :-).

can you post me a link about obama's opinions you were writing about, please?

torbidobrodo said...

wrongdoing should be written as only one word :-).
i checked on-line, i checked with giovanni and then... didn't edit the comment :-).

daniela pamplona said...

Obama and Pakistan

Obama and Israel

Obama in Germany

Não deixes que te atirem areia aos olhos!

Off course, I prefer Obama to McCain. But he is not a saint. And he is already preparing an other war. USA needs it...

When you have two main parties sharing the power between them during long time usually, the differences are not huge (that why people were is constantly changing their votes). Moreover on USA, where there is not some party discipline (opposite ideas can be defended by senators of the same party). But this is an other story...

torbidobrodo said...

well, i've seen the pages you linked and i think that obama says some sensible things in the video in which he speaks.

and i never said i think he's the best person on earth, i just think we'll all be far better off with him as the us president, as opposed to mc cain.