i'm ashamed of being italian.
this stuff should not be allowed to be called "news".
this is plain propaganda.

the european union should not close its eyes on this.
i'll drop them an email, tomorrow ;-).

have a look at the second part of this video, if you want a fair (i hope) account of what happened during a civil demonstration, whose aim was to get rid of a law that is unethical and unconstitutional (granting berlusconi and some other three guys immunity from prosecution!):

i feel so helpless that i'd like to punch fede in the face.
but then again, the whole system is flawed.
corruption is endemic.
italian citizens lack the ability to critically analyse what they're fed by the media.


Anonymous said...

Dear Matteo!

I totally agree with you regarding the bad and unfair information that we have in our country! The trick is quite old: tell to people a lot of lies, invente some fake democracy enemies as the comunists and the game is done! Due to the weak italian public opnion some people (what we call calinghe di Voghera) will believe to any bullshit that Emilio Fede or whoever is going to say. Another example of what I'm talking about is provided by the university debate on the law 133. Some journalists paint universities and researchers as lazy people that do nothing all the day long. So now public opionion believes that is right to cut governament's fundations to universities!
I suggest you to have a look on the speech provided by the Politecnico's Chancellor (prof. Giulio Ballio) during the opening cerimony of the academic year.

Here you go:

You can both watch the speech and read the speech pdf file.


Matteo Naccari

torbidobrodo said...

thanks matteo, i read the speech of the chancellor and i think he's quite right: you can not consider all universities equal, you should evaluate them and then fund them based on the results you get.

but people in italy are afraid that a fair evaluation will take away the privileges they gained through lobbying, bribing, etc.

what can we do? running away (to portugal :-)) is not a good solution for our country, our people.
i think something is moving, in italy, with the chancellor of politecnico speaking in such an important occasion against the government (by this i mean almost the whole political class).

i think it's time we do something.
i don't yet know exactly what.