stuff i like.

i was talking to patty, she wanted to convince me that playing snooker was cool, while staying at home, reading books about meditation/science/whatever was dull.

this started me thinking about what i really enjoy doing for the sake of it.
it took me a while, but i realized that i really like singing grunge songs and i'd love to go to a concert and get into the mosh pit.
but that is a thing of the past, nobody does that nowadays.
so i decided that i'll buy a guitar and learn playing it.
fuck the neighbours, fuck shame, i'm doing it!

yes, i know, i have two guitars in italy and i never learnt how to play them.
this time it's different.
why? mind your own business!
i already got the grunge attitude back :-)


Alessio said...

For a while I thought the link to the grunge song was directing to one of your personal performance. What a pity, they are better then the original.

torbidobrodo said...

those videos that you hold are your personal life insurance.
i would have killed you a long time ago if i were sure that you hadn't set up an automated system to publish them after your death.

presbitero said...

For a great torbido performance you have to go the the pmdp (powerful molina day party) and wait torbido to drink some couples of beers :)

torbidobrodo said...

i miss molina day: the flying balloon (what the heck was that? was that real or did i make that up?), the donkeys, the beer, the pig, the home-made pasta. and most of all the people, of course.

i don't quite miss the the stray dogs jumping over me :-).

nice english, presbitero, congratulations!

Alessio said...

@presbitero: Don't worry, torbido has gone international. His live acts are now famous in several countries :)