berlusconi: "we say no to a multiethnical italy".

fresh news on "corriere della sera".

how long before berlusconi suggests, well... before he commands that jews are burnt in the incinerators near naples instead of rubbish?

multiethnicity is a resource for a country.
why would one oppose it?
maybe because he/she thinks his/hers ethnic group is superior to all of the others?
this sounds dreadfully familiar.

this is paradoxical at a time when different people are melting together in the european union, at whatever moment in time after the horrors of fascism and nazism.

people of europe, speak your mind before the european elections, help us (italians) get rid of berlusconi, his party and the bias that plagues almost all information in italy.

here you can read the same piece of news in english.

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Giovanni Prestige said...

Dear Mr Poderoso Tajo,
would you like to join this campaign?

Best regards.