music therapy.

i haven't been writing in the blog for a while.
i would like to write a post on music therapy, but i don't have the time.
i started to focus more on my life than on the blog.
than on many things.

good night.


why are lyrics on the internet almost always wrong?

and why is it that tristan is always carrying a surfboard but never uses it for surfing?

berlusconi: "we say no to a multiethnical italy".

fresh news on "corriere della sera".

how long before berlusconi suggests, well... before he commands that jews are burnt in the incinerators near naples instead of rubbish?

multiethnicity is a resource for a country.
why would one oppose it?
maybe because he/she thinks his/hers ethnic group is superior to all of the others?
this sounds dreadfully familiar.

this is paradoxical at a time when different people are melting together in the european union, at whatever moment in time after the horrors of fascism and nazism.

people of europe, speak your mind before the european elections, help us (italians) get rid of berlusconi, his party and the bias that plagues almost all information in italy.

here you can read the same piece of news in english.

sons of a bitch.

burglars kill 82 year old woman.
can those burglars be considered human beings?

icub on sic.

sic is one of the four main portuguese tv channels. one of their guys came to our lab and watched the icub play for a while, so now we're famous all over portugal! :-)

it was fun when people told me: "i saw you on tv".
now they all seem to think that i'm quite smart.
what were they thinking before? :-)


i can't look at the pictures taken after the earthquake in central italy.
it is so unfair what those people are going through.
i look at them and i see the faces of my grandparents, who are more or less from that area.
i can only imagine what it must be like losing relatives like this, out of the blue.
losing your hose, your city, everything that was normal.
tears come to my eyes when i think of those good people.

and there is nothing i can do. nor for the victims of this earthquake, nor for preventing this situation to happen again.
it's so frustrating.

but i know one thing: those people are tough, they're going to fight and build their lives again.