icub can now play tennis.

well, it may work as a ball-boy, actually ;-).

in this demo you can see the result of the collaboration between the grasping and the visual attention group at the veni vidi vici summer school 2008, held in
sestri levante: the icub robot locates a ball in front of it and grasps it.

this video shows you what the robot sees (after rectification), as it was shot from one of its eyes.

it was amazing to work/swim/get drunk with all those cool guys of the summer school and to obtain such a good result.

for the ones among you who are thinking "
i've seen the terminator do that and then shoot the fxxxing ball with a bazooka in 1984!", stop for a second and think: was that for real or was that fiction/bullshit?

(it's also a useful exercise to practice when watching the news, lately).


this is another interesting result obtained by
andrea and marco at the summer school: the dalai lama tracker.

when i asked them: "how does it work? is it a multiple object tracker?" they answered "what would you do with that? how many
dalai lama do you think you can gather in one picture?" :-).

by the way, this image is not rectified. of course
i'm prettier than that ;-).


with this post i changed language (to
english) and blog publishing system, but you can still find the old posts at

my philosophy stayed the same. keep it simple: no capital letters.


Alessio said...

Ball grasping is the first step towards world domination...beware Icub ;-)

Anonymous said...

nonostante tu abbia "virato" all'inglese, spero sia ancora possibile commentare in italiano...
buona crescita...
firmato "ilmonty"

(although you switched to english, I hope it is still allowed to post comments in other languages...
keep on discovering...)

torbidobrodo said...

monty: write in any language you like. if i don't understand you, i'll ask for an explanation :-).

ale: we're going to build millions of ball grasping robots. they will grasp all the balls in the world and then we'll take over fifa, atp and nba.
and rule the world :-).