no place like home.

after lisboa-sestri levante-albissola mare in less than two weeks, i'm back home, in appiano gentile.

and the heat and the moisture that annoy most people, feel to me as the famous petite madeleine to proust.
everything is so green. every sight so calm and comforting.

it's when i come back home that i really feel how much i miss things.

a meadow in front of the woods

a dragonfly on the side of the pond

the pond itself

the sunset, as seen from my porch


Marie said...

Beh, ma mia ragione principale per leggo il tuo blog è per imparare l'italiano, non è vero?

And my grammar... ehe, still sucks! :D

Bellisimi fotografie!

Giovanni Prestige said...

Ponds are nice but ridden with mosquitos. :)

torbidobrodo said...

marie: i'm sorry, but the time has come for me to stop using that silly language to communicate with my friends :-).
at least when i want to communicate with a lot of them at once.

maybe you could keep reading this blog and correct my english, now :-)
or you could start a blog in italian: i'd write you comments in italian, there.
i'm sure it would be a success.

thanks for appreciating my pictures and your italian grammar seems to be fine, actually.

giovanni: mosquitoes are a feature of ponds! you can go there, enjoy the nature and gather enough mosquitoes to fry them for dinner ;-).