proudly made in portugal.

we went to a fair in barreiro, some nights ago, and we discovered this amazing liquor: "licor de merda" (=shitty liquor, liquor made of shit).
it is quite bad, i have to say. i doubt they'd be able to sell a bottle of that with a normal name.

you can drink a shot of that in a copo de chocolate (=a chocolate cup), just like the famous ginja de obidos.

picture courtesy of alessio, who was also the source for the post on image-based shaving.


Nello said...

teo why did youchoose blogspot instead of wordpress?
how can you link the old address to the new site...?
I wanna move my blog to wordpress and I wanna have a primary level address... (ie

torbidobrodo said...

hi anto,
i had giovanni prestige telling me to move my blog to blogspot for some time. i thought of it, as blogspot is part of the google family, and eventually agreed to do it.
i never considered moving it to wordpress, for no particular reason.

for the domain name, i bought (leased) the name by (for less than 10euros/year) and then set up a redirection (quite easily) from there to here.

i'm not sure if you can redirect the visitors from your old blog to the new one automatically. i just wrote one last post on the old blog, with a link to the new blog.
you might be able to get the automatic redirect working with some hacks, though.