i never cared much for halloween, but this year, thanks to a chain of friends :-), we got some free tickets for the amazing fox party in lisbon. the atmosphere was great!

the fist thing you saw, in front of the the huge warehouse where the party was held, was the fake cemetery, with dracula's and frankenstein's graves.
as you entered, you'd see a fountain loaded with fake blood and all kind of monsters would creep toward you.
the warehouse was extremely big and dark, there were posters of the simpsons in a halloween mood hanging on the walls, it took me a while to spot the "nurses" handing out syringes loaded with red liquor.
cool, huh? :-)

there were also a couple of bands performing. i have no clue who those guys were, but they were good, i especially liked the hip-hop band.
after that there was a deejay set, so we were dancing and... it's at that time that freddie krueger tried to kill me! :-)


Giovanni Prestige said...

The pleasantly plump woman in the hip-hop band was Petty of Buraka Som Sistema.

torbidobrodo said...

pleasantly plump!?
you weren't wearing your glasses that night, right?
she was cool, though.

Alessio said...

You did not mention you tried to eat a poor rabbit alive ;-)

But it is true, Giovanni was nearly blind that night.

torbidobrodo said...

we want the picture of the rabbit!
i'll ask you again personally.