pasta and free market.

i read in "repubblica" today that the price of one kg of pasta in italy is, on average, 1.5 euros. this is in the news because it's strange that, as the price of wheat is falling, the one of pasta is rising.
it seems as if somebody's not playing by the rules of free market.

so i went to pingo doce (a portuguese chain of supermarkets) and i checked out the prices there.
i usually buy pasta of the pingo doce brand. the envelope says it's made of durum wheat, in gragnano, near naples. and it's good (there are other portuguese brands of pasta, but i think they suck).

so one kg of spaghetti by pingo doce costs 0.78 euros.
48% cheaper than the italian average.
one kg of penne by pingo doce costs 1.18 euros, still 21% cheaper.

something's wrong. somebody's exploiting the italian customers.

by the way, you can buy italian pasta at pingo doce, but the prices are ridiculously high: one kg of spaghetti by buitoni is sold at 3.5 euros.
you can buy 4.49kg of spaghetti by pingo doce for the same price!
and both come from italy.

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